Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to Live the Life

What comes first when thinking about your life quickly? The next step of your career , way to earn money , marriage , children , debt , money money money .!!

But if you ask me whats the value of life or how am i gonna spend it !
My answer is simple , - Rocking and Rocking.!

You gotta think about it just for 10 mins.
Why are you living?
Just to survive and feed your coming generation , right?
Then why are we in greed of surviving the life like this? Like a time table.
You gotta understand the real meaning of life!
I think of things before i act. Once my mom asked me about my ambition and all. I hit "Software Engineer" with a quick reply.
Later i started thinking about it.
Whats the meaning of life. We are just continuing to follow the way of our living like a baseless tradition.
We just calculate the ways to earn money , for a better life with lots of cash and education. But there's only some who knows the real meaning of life , like a said above its pure "Rocking and just Rocking" :) :D
Rocking life

We just got one life , with an average of 85-90 years. According the the calculation of Scientists , these average life expectancy is gonna lower to a low one because of the living styles and all.
And we need to make use of that valuable and most precious years to the top most level of Rocking. :)
It's because we ain't gonna be like ghosts or some supernatural shits after we die.
We are just gonna be terminated from our breaths. So we have to utilize the most of it.
And we need to make a mark that makes them say we existed. And have done for the happiness or well fare  for any other fellow or the society. Make life worth it.
I'm just 16 years old now on this very time a write this article. And i plan to go on rocking my life like hell!! :)
I ain't gonna give a shit of compromise for lowering my voice where i got the right to do so.
I'm gonna raise my voice where ever , whenever , like i wish but with no offense.
Like you know that i don't believe in any kinda religion or baseless shits like that (If you had read this article about GOD on my view) Read that article after reading this one.
And like that i'm gonna follow what i decide.Again , I don't give a shit.!!
Love of the Life.

And i suggest that you spend your life rocking in about 68% of it.
And you know what you gotta do the the 32%? Find your real love.
I'm gonna soon write an article about , the Love of The Life.
So keep in touch.
And don't just forget. Don't give a shit. Your rules your game.Just be the real you. Don't fake it.

It's Zion (Amal Rafeeq) again here on action with Voice of Zion. (Bookmark my Voice for more action)

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