Sunday, 24 June 2012

Against online Jerks ; Save India and eliminate Violence

Internet is one of the biggest and most used media network to convey news.!About 75% of the world news and updates are being spread across the globe via Internet.

This energy and power of internet is taken by some online jerks and they use this as an advancement to their scams and spread of violence.

One of the biggest example is that , there is a Facebook page called "Reality Of India" , which fakes itself as that its an Indian administrated page and it is posting and sharing violence and total fucking news about India.

You can't take it only as a Violence against Indian Nation , but an action of spreading hate and wrong news about India all over other countries.

If we stand together and spend a two mins against that page by Reporting it to Facebook , it will be banned and thus we can eliminate a Corruption itself.

These are the most targeted things that they post about.
  • Making hate towards India.
  • Injecting the world with wrong news.
  • Violence
  • Advancement for some religions.
  • Regional advancements.
  • And to kick India out of its rich culture and position.
You can help India or Help eliminating this Non-sense with these simple steps.

  1. Go to that Facebook page by simply Clicking here.
    or go to
  2. You can see a lot of bullshits there!! Never mind it!!!

    Unlike the page if you have accidently Liked it. Un-Liking it will decrease it's popularity thus decreasing violence.
  3. Click on the drop down button near the like button and select "Report This Page".

    Select the next step as you decide and Report that page to Facebook.
  4. Now for the final step.
    { " ", Act against Violence , eliminate corruption, Be a part of Humanity}

    Copy and post the paragraph above into that page so that every other people who visits can see the shit and act against it.
You are done. You contributed your time to eliminate corruption and violence.
Share this article with your friends if you think this is a good way to eliminate violence. Join them in the mission..

                                                Ahudha Hookka

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